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Testimonial by Dr. Nora Elizabeth F. Maniquiz, Dean of College of Business and Accountancy, University of Nueva Caceres, Philippines PDF Print E-mail

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dr. Nora Elizabeth F. Maniquiz received EDS Certificate of Achievement from Dr. Ben Lee during the closing ceremony of the EDS International Residential Advanced Management Program.

Dr. Nora Elizabeth F. Maniquiz with fellow participants of the EDS International CEO Program.



It has been just 17 days since our last day of training in Penang, and guess what? I miss Penang so much. In particular, I miss the friendly and accommodating staff of EDS, and the hospitable people of Penang. I always share to my family, faculty, students and friends about the learning experience I have gained not only about "Creating a World Class Organization, Creative Marketing, Risk and Investment Management," but also about the wonderful culture and beauty of your country in terms of people, food, weather, environment, everything. Of course, I also miss the camaraderie we have established with our co-participants, and the group activities and sharing. I will always cherish this experience in my life.

I promised to give you a testimony about my experience and impressions about the training program, hence, this letter.

First, about the program:
It is a unique and practical way of enabling trainees and parcitipants to learn and relearn new ways of thinking. It motivates them to realize that education never ends, and that learning is lifelong. The program gives the participants a sense of fulfillment that they have reached a greater height in their journey in life.

Second, about the EDS management, faculty and staff:

The resource speakers, Professor Sue Lim, Professor Dr. Arivalan, and Dr. Harwindar Singh are experts, excellent, very well prepared, and effective in facilitating learning for the participants.

The EDS staff are all helpful, efficient. They never get tired. They always see to it that participants are getting the most from the training, and that they are enjoying their stay in Penang. They have been helpful and were ever present when needed -- from the airport during the arrival, to the training sessions, to the field tour, to the airport again when it's time to go home. My personal thanks to Dr. Pete Ooi, for taking us from and for bringing us to the airport.

Third, on the participants:
As to the participants, my favorites are: Dr. M. Shamsher Ali of Southeast University of Bangladesh, and Mr. Peace Obeng of Ambassadors College of Ghana, Africa. They are both learned men and men of wisdom. I learned so many insights from their sharing. The participants from Malaysia were also nice. I admire the humility of the Honorable Senator Mustafa Kamal. I found a new friend in Fathmath of Maldives. She is a good person. I also miss my new friends from the Universidad de Zamboanga: Ace, Anne, and Dr. Bash. My roommates from Palawan State University, well, they are always busy with their dissertation. But they are also nice and thoughtful.

I also like the friendliness of the team from Indonesia: Dr. Kasiyarno, Dr. Uswatun Khasahah, Dr. Dwi Sulisworo, and Dr. H. Agung Danarto. We shared a lot of ideas and experiences during our group activities and conversations.

Lastly, on the opportunity for networking and collaboration:
I was able to establish talks with Mr. Peace Obeng, Dr. Kasiyarno and Dr. Dwi, and hopefully, Dr. N. Islam of the University of Science and Technology Chittagong, Bangladesh.

I am looking forward also to the possibility of ties/partnership between EDS and our university.

Thank you so much EDS, particularly to Dr. Ben Lee for this unique experience and wonderful opportunity that your have granted me. God bless you even more as you continue to "teach the future today."

Very truly yours,

Dr. Nora Elizabeth F. Maniquiz
University of Nueva Caceres
Naga City, Philippines