2-Day HR Transformation in Industry 4.0 Workshop Print

2 Days Workshop on

HR Transformation in Industry 4.0

Venue: Evergreen Laurel Hotel, George Town, Penang
Date: 19th and 20th March, 2018

The present speed of development in technologies is posing a huge challenge for companies, be they SMEs, large corporations or global giants! Industry 4.0 is changes the entire organization structure of the company, the work culture as well as influences the way things are done. Traditional methods and perspectives no longer works for many companies in this highly dynamic and unprecedented VUCA world.

With these changes, the human resources (HR) would definitely need to transform to cater to the changes in the structure, processes, culture as well as with skills and competencies.  Management styles need to be transformed as more flexible work conditions are called for with the knowledge workers. To ensure effective transformation to industry 4.0, the PEOPLE must change first!

Hence, HR is the key to the transformation of humans at both the skills, competencies, and digital cognizance level as well as at the cultural, diversity, and management level.

Focus of the workshop:

The focus of the workshop will be to guide existing HR strategic business partners and associates to review the entire HR structure, processes, and practices to transform and change the people to be prepared for the impending changes for industry 4.0.

The transformation will be from a transformation perspective to provide paradigm shifts and mindset change to employees and talents in order to get them attuned and ready for industry 4.0.

1)    Throw away HR administrative work – automate (employee experience)

2)    Forget Recruitment agencies and Head-hunters – use SEO

3)    Flexible development and learning

4)    Employee performance appraisals including KPIs are totally OUT!

5)    Wellness is IN!

6)    Many more exciting focal areas



Professor Dr. Premkumar 
BBA (Mel), MBA (UUM), PhD (USM)

Professor Dr Premkumar is a specialist in Supply Chain Management (SCM) and is currently with Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST) in Malaysia. He has previously held Vice-Chancellor positions at AIMST University in Malaysia.

In academia, he has published over fifty research papers in international journals, conference proceedings and book chapters. A highly sought-after speaker in the field of SCM, Prof. Prem is frequently invited to speak on SCM issues at international conferences in countries in China, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Sudan, Riyadh, Thailand and Vietnam.

Prior to academia, he was in Intel Technology as the Senior Manager responsible in Logistics and Supply Chain function. As an academician and consultant, he has vast experience in conducting workshop, training and consultancy programs in Strategic Planning, Premium Execution, SCM and has contributed tremendously towards organizational effectiveness in the respective industry.


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